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Holistic Detox: New Lifestyle, New You

There is a whole lot more to a holistic detox than just losing weight. The goal behind holistic detoxing is to cleanse each of your internal organs so that they can function optimally, specially your liver which performs over 200 tasks affecting your whole body.

Holistic Detoxing Side Effect: Weight Loss

Rather than going for the quick fix and starting yet another weight loss diet or worse yet making a bee line for the diet pills, it may be time for you to dig a little deeper and consider a long-lasting solution that targets you as a whole and addresses the causes of weight gain and disease.

While detoxing, some people have been known to lose as much as 65 pounds of waste matter alone clogging their colon. The weight loss itself is fantastic, but what is even better news is the fact that their intestinal tract is then able to absorb nutrients again. That is not possible when the intestinal walls are wallpapered with layers and layers of dried up fecal waste.

Holistic Detox Diet: Making the Right Choices

A holistic detox should start with juices made from organic vegetables as well as some fruit. Rich in fiber, they will be easily digested and help keep your digestive tract clear. A detoxification diet relies on a healthy way of eating, choosing natural foods rather than processed foods laden with additives and preservatives which the liver can’t process.

Once you have completed your detox, organic vegetables and fruit grown in healthy soil without pesticides should remain the major components of your new healthy eating habits, either raw or lightly cooked. Fish and organic meat can be added after a few days for a balanced diet.

Keep in mind that citrus fruit can help cleanse your liver, while berries, in particular blueberries, are loaded with antioxidants. Selecting the right foods will help make your body more alkaline and as a result help keep disease at bay. An acidic body is an open invitation for a plethora of health issues.

At the end of your holistic detox, you may be surprised to find that you no longer crave unhealthy foods. Sweets, fast foods loaded with fats and salt will not be so appealing, and you will wonder how you could ever have made them the mainstay of your diet.

And therein lies the major appeal of a holistic detox. After a few days, you will notice that it is all about more than cleansing and maybe losing a few pounds. It goes deeper than that: it provides you with an opportunity to reexamine the dietary choices you got trapped into, and to consciously make new ones that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.