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Here Comes the Technology Candidate Rush – Preparing For Employee Turnover

Don’t stand in front of the door! Experts predict, as the economy continues its upward movement, technology professionals in large numbers will soon be headed for the exits, looking to switch jobs and find greater opportunities.

The reason? Job satisfaction within the industry seems to be near all-time lows. In fact, a recent survey of IT professionals showed more than half of respondents saying, in effect, ‘I want outta here.’

For many employers, the typical tenure for technology professionals averages two to three years. In a recessionary economy, that period has stretched as these professionals have been bottled up with no place to go.

As the economy became volatile, many tech professionals sought employment (and refuge) with more secure, “blue-chip” employers. Culturally, that’s not been their home. As the economy continues its upward swing, those restless IT professionals will venture out and begin looking for opportunities with smaller firms and entrepreneurial ventures where the work may be more diverse and include greater responsibility.

Unhappy campers

Surveys conducted of tech pros in late 2009 support these restive feelings. In a September 2009 poll of 563 technology professionals, 57 percent said they “wanted another job,” while 21 percent rated their current position as just “O.K.”

In a second poll of 368 technology professionals in November 2009, 70 percent said they expect “mass turnover” within their own IT department once the job market recovers.

At the same time, current recruiting budgets won’t meet demand when the avalanche begins. Even if small and medium-sized businesses start spending because they have recruiting needs, it’s probably not enough to swing the pendulum over.

Take steps to prepare

If more employee churn is in store for the near term, here’s what employers should do to be ready.

Review your mix. Social media sites have taken hold with recruiters who may have more time and smaller budgets to work with. But as employee churn accelerates, recruiters should be wary of fishing in empty ponds. If you need to fill 10 jobs tomorrow, you need to go to a niche job board, where you can find highly qualified professionals quickly and efficiently. Review those job boards you use, evaluate new options, and create a mix that will produce results by spotlighting top IT pros when you need them.

Strengthen your team. Now’s the time to retool your recruiting team and conduct training to improve your recruiters’ skill sets. That way, you’ll be positioned for success when the job-switching gets underway in earnest.

Anticipate your needs. Work closely with your company’s management team to evaluate the trends and direction where your business is headed. Consider how that outlook affects churn and recruiting budgets, then adjust your recruiting strategies accordingly.